What Does Serenity Do

The Most flexible system available
  • A Full Management Suite – Providing Reporting, Production Control, Maintenance and Quality Compliance
  • Tracks not only  medical devices but also controls the production workflow to ensure “Reproducible” “ Pre-Validated” “Quality Control” of the workflow – Audit and Recall at the Serial Item UID Level
  • Serenity is the ONLY solution that SERIALIZES each Packing Assembly (a once off number)
  • This gives a Unique ID “UID” for the whole life-cycle of this assembled item to the patient.
  • The UID is a Process UID it is connected to the Tray or instrument UID for this ONCE ONLY life cycle.
  • This allows removing for a case when scanned back to stock and TRUE Audit & Recall of the entire Sterile Reprocessing lifecycle, Release ,Storage, Picking and to the patient and back to Decontamination process.
What are the main outcomes of a Quality Control System for SPD
  • Sterilization Controls a process based upon a pre-validated reproducible process (CLEANING, INSPECTION and PARAMETRIC RELEASE )
    • Do you have any quality process that allows you to report on how many items loaded into sterilizer loads that you do NOT have quality process documentation and validation
    • Most USA SPD tracking systems have no way of managing items not allocated to loads
      • they are simply missed – unknown until recall cannot find them or
      • Mistakenly identified as the generic kit reprocessed not a UID assembly asper Serenity.
  • Control – Stops Assemblies from all processes if not validated as fit for use at Sterile release process
  • Missing instruments – Helps control and identify
  • FTE management requirements  – KPI production reporting for based upon production workloads
  • Maintenance – controls maintenance based on usage
    • Threshold reporting
    • Cost Reporting
  • Setup – Case Picking
    • Move cart to location (OR)
  • Usage
    • Add extras
    • Case Usage Reporting
    • Allocation to case for Patient Level Audit & Recall
  • Transport
    • Case Cart Return
  • Return
    • Contaminated Items
    • Missing Items Reporting
    • Items for Maintenance/Damaged
    • Unused Items Stock Return process
      • auto removes from case
  • Instrument Level Search  –  Where is My Instrument
    • Search for instrument
      • What tray / Assembly
      • Location
      • Status
        • Non-sterile – Sterile – Sterile Stock – Allocated – Used – Returned, Decon – Packing – loaded – Released

SurgiDat Serenity can manage the complete process – All SPD departments should be able to provide Audit &Recall

  • From a Load to multiple cases
  • From a case to multipole Load/s
  • From a Case to other Cases

If you are interested in a True end to end solution – that takes some initial effort and not a significant amount of $ then sign us up.

Serenity NOT an  Instrument Tracking “Document System”  but a Production Control Quality Solution for SPD
SurgiDat – Leaders in Patient Centric Service Orientated Automation