SPD Management

SurgiDat Serenity

  1. Serenity a Powerful Instrument Management System
  2. Web based – production control solution
  3. Providing the OR with outcomes such as
  • Where is my instrument
  • OR Check Lists for PreOp and PostOp documentation
  • Case Cart Management – Links to SurgiDat preference cards or integrate with your current Preference Card system
  • Sterilizer interface for high level user compliance and historical “till-roll” data retrieval
  • Pack on Screen – Provides a higher level of compliance
  • Missing Instrument labels – visibility and reporting
  • Stock Takes – Put-away and stock level control  of re-processed assemblies

Serenity is a simple electronic solution, designed to replace current documenting systems – sterilization date labels and manual record keeping systems, can be implemented at multiple levels of complexity and production requirement.

  • RTLS (Real Time Location System) RFID item location level management available on request see www.SpaceSense.Systems