Decontamination Process

Decontamination Process

This is the 2nd point of the quality process of sterilization

The first being Pre-cleaning at the point of use and Timely transport thereof to the Decontamination area.

SurgiDat understands this is a high volume area and in most USA hospitals it is the area that is usually under staffed.

While a full process is available for scanning all items through each wash process – we note that this is not a practiced process in the USA

SurgiDat Serenity allows a minimal process that provides

a) Reference and audit of Kits and Separates being returns to SPD
b) The ability to report on missing items from a case (as Decontam is the closest point of audit to the case for counting of returned trays)
c) SurgiDat Scans Case Carts to Cart Washer – this “Empties” the Cart for that last case event.

As Serenity Serializes Assemblies – this unique capability allows us to report on a Case Event for
  • Kit Qty’s as allocated to the case including Extras
  • Less Returns Trays and Separates
  • We can Auto remove goods returned to Sterile Stock for the Case Event
  • Leaving us with Kits that are Missing (have not been returned) from the Case Event

Note: Due to the high volume process in Decontam, we leave the final Instrument  Qty inspection, for missing instruments within Kits, to the Packing assembly process for reporting.



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