SurgiDat Serenity has been developed over the past 10 years to help promote and automate Reprocessing of Medical Devices.

  • This web site has been developed to help promote production control in SPD – please take your time to review the pages herein. We hope there is something for everyone including knowledge sharing solutions for every part of your daily requirement.

SurgiDat builds Inventory Automation Solutions for Healthcare including instrument tracking systems globally.

Serenity was built for the USA market, specifically to help SPD managers move away from current USA SPD documenting systems toward full “Quality Production Control” systems.

  • As a web based solution, Serenity is simple to install, Simple to Use, Controls production and provides an end to end Audit Recall to the patient and is a whole of life cycle solution for SPD managers.
  • Serenity is so flexible it is best suited for ALL size facilities. You can start of slow and move to a fully integrated solution.
  • We specialize in helping you build your Standardized process bible to meet your environment and business needs

We look forward to continuing to serve this industry.