Sterilizer Parametric Release

Sterilizer Parametric Release

Many Documenting Type tracking Systems do not manage full parametric release protocols

  • If your current system allows you to type in almost any data and does not have a two step validation process or release then you have one of these types documenting tracking systems – not a quality control solution.

SurgiDat Serenity (either interfaced or not) has aa two step release process

Step One – Pass / Fail the Cycle
  • User must visually review the sterilizer printout and understand it
  • Confirm Correct Sterilizer / Date / Cycle type / Biological Requirements
  • Type into the system
  •           Start Time
  •           Holding or Sterilization Phase Time
  •           End Time
  •           Pressure (through  Sterile Phase)
  •           Temperature (through Sterile Phase)
Step Two – Pass / Fail the Items in the Load
  • Only after the load has cooled
  • Visually check the load for Wet or other load non compliant tray or item
  • Remove any non-conforming item or fail load subject to your facility SOP on these events
  • Pass remaining items in the load

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