Packing & Quality Control

  • Pack On Screen
  • Individually Tracked Items
  • Images  | Notes
  • Missing Instruments
  • OneSource Link to IFU’s
The Serenity Packing process drives
  • Sterilizer Loading  Quality control ensuring a visual reference to items loaded – through the “Packing  LIST”
  • Pack on Screen
  • Packing Qty by exception – builds Missing instrument Label + Notates Missing instrument on Count sheet
  • Connects to OneSource IFU’s
  • Allows uploading of Image – and any other reference document
  • The Only System that Serializes your Assembly process with an Assembly UID

The “Packing List” builds as a list of Assemblies as they are packed and then removed from the “Packing List” when the Assemblies are scanned to a Sterilizer Load.

Any item/s left in the “Packing List” are either
a) waiting to be placed into a Load
b) have been placed into a Load but NOT scanned to the Load

  •  Assemblies Not being scanned to a load would dictate that you have an item that is non-compliant and for which you hve no sterilization record.
    • This is a common problem with other simple tracking documenting systems as they do not have any checks or balances to measure this against.
    • By not measuring this metric, it mostly goes unnoticed  that items have been missed from scanning to a load.

Serenity leverages the Serialized Assembly Function to further ensure compliance of this metric.



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