Stock Put-away

Stock Put-away

SurgiDat Serenity is deployed as a True Web Based Application as such it supports Mobile Devices.

Using the ” Right Tool for the Right Job” our SurgiDat PDA 2D Scanners allow a mobile function for putting goods away on shelves

This is another Quality Check and Balance function – as all Assemblies (Packed Trays/Separates) are UID Serialized Serenity checks the following for put away

  1. Is this the correct shelf / Bin location for this item
  2. Has this Assembly been released from the Sterilization process

Quality Checks !

Stocktake Function
  • Ever has trays put away on top the incorrect location and you cannot find them
  • Ever shifted a specialty from one shelf location to a new shelf

Serenity Stocktake Functions Includes

  • Make this the HOME location for this tray / device
    • Scan Shelf Barcode  (Loc.Row.Shelf.Bin)  i.e. SS1.R0A.S03.B04
    • Scan all items in this bin location
    • Select “SET as Home Location”
    The next time the Stocktake scanner items are assembled (Packed) – the assembly will print the updated Home location on the Assembly Label as a visual guide for the next user to “put Away”
  • Consider missing items as Zero
      • Another option in Stocktake is to consider missing times as Zero (items not scanned as they are not physically in this location) this adjusts the items in this location in the system making it more accurate for Item Searching

Setting and managing true Stock locations, enables dynamic searching for an instrument within a Tray or Trays (that instrument is inside)  giving the user the ability to make a decision on location closest and tray size, status the instrument is in.

  • this reduces opening of trays for a single instrument
  • opening of trays that are required or set against the next procedure etc.
  • Reduces cost in reprocessing and
  • Reduces OR utilization time/Patient Anesthetic time delays in finding instruments
  • Increasing patient safety and increasing revenue

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